About us

The Ecobeach pilot project was initiated by BAM in cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch coastal authority). Ecobeach was invented in Danmark by Poul Jacobson and was introduced in the Netherlands by BAM. The Ecobeach concept was explored by BAM and subsequently brought to the attention of Rijkswaterstaat. Soon this led to a joint Ecobeach pilot.

A practical approach was chosen for the Ecobeach pilot. Ecobeach was directly installed at a concrete problem area without being preceded by years of laboratory research. The results achieved abroad were also expected for the application of Ecobeach at the Dutch coast. 

Signing of the contract

The Ecobeach pilot was besides a challenging program to investigate a new innovation also an example of a joint project of a cooperating public party and private party.

Due to the positive results with the Ecobeach pilot, BAM aims to apply Ecobeach at erosion sensitive coasts in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world.