The Ecobeach system is installed at the area between high and low water line. The goal is to reduce sand erosion and to promote sand accretion of the beaches in order to stabilize the dunes naturally. The Ecobeach system seems to have a positive effect on the beach development. This effect occurs mainly at locations with strong fluctuating groundwater tables due to tide effects and at locations with considerable sand transport due to currents, waves and wind.   

By applying the Ecobeach drainage system, the following goals can be achieved:

  • Locally creating a wider beach for the benefits of beach recreation. For instance for beach property.
  • Reinforcing the coast by increasing the sand volume and enhancing the robustness of the coast due to coarsening of the sand particles.
  • Extending the lifetime of beach nourishments.
  • Decreasing nourishment costs by replacing the impact of beach nourishment with foreshore replenishment combined with the Ecobeach system.
  • Stabilizing the coastline leading to less repositioning of beach property due to strong variations of the recurring beach nourishments.

The image below shows how ecologically and recreationally unattractive beach nourishments are. The Ecobeach system combined with foreshore replenishment can support in reducing the amount of beach nourishments. Moreover, the produced CO2 emissions and the costs of installing Ecobeach are relatively low compared to beach nourishment. 

Beach nourishments