The Ecobeach system is relatively easy to install at the beach. The vertical drainage tubes are placed in rows in cross-sectional direction with a regular interspacing along the coast. The most important properties of the tubes are the diameter of about 6 cm, a length of approximately 2 m and filter slots at the lower part of the tube. 

The drainage system is installed from the mean high water line to the mean low water line. It consists of rows of drainage tubes perpendicular to the coast with an interspacing of 10 m and along the shore with an interspacing of 100 m. The number of installed tubes at the beach depends on the width of the beach which can vary between 6 to 14 tubes each row. 

The tubes are installed with the top at about 25 cm below the beach surface. This means that recreationists are not disturbed by Ecobeach. The top of the drainage tubes is provided with a brightly coloured shell. These shells are yellow during the Dutch pilot at Egmond aan Zee making the exposed tubes visible if local beach erosion has occurred. The responsible contractor for maintenance can then deal with it fast and easy by re-installing the tubes below the beach surface.