Hillsboro Beach, Florida, USA

The project area has been divided into two areas: one reference area and one area in which Ecobeach was installed. Both areas were monitored. Relative to the reference area, a large increase of sand volumes was measured in the Ecobeach test area. No negative consequences of the Ecobeach system on the surrounding areas and the environment were found.

Project data

Realisation Eco Shore International
Location West coast of Florida, USA
Start of the project February 2008
Duration of the test 18 months
Length of the project area 3 km


  • Hillsboro Beach, Florida PEM project 6 months results and 18 months report, EcoShore Int’I, Inc. 25-nov-2009
  • Officiële bevestiging van een positief effect van het systeem op de omgeving, uitgegeven door de gemeente "Town of Hillsboro Beach" - Click here